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About Roatan Honduras  
The Western Caribbean
Bay Island Roatan,
is an undiscovered, relaxed
and an inexpensive alternative to
other Caribbean islands!

Roatan is the largest island among the chain known as the Bay Islands, located in the Caribbean approximately 35 miles off the coast of Honduras. Roatan is beautiful with its lush green hills, white sand beaches and world-class diving, that has drawn people from all over the world, giving the island a special blend of cultures. The Island is mostly English speaking. Island's Magazine has just named Roatan as one of the top 20 Best Islands to live and retire on.

In our opinion, Roatan is a perfect place to invest and vacation. This Caribbean paradise offers excellent value for real estate including houses, condos, villas, vacation rentals, property and beach front resorts. Bananarama Dive Resort and Island Pearl Resort are two of those beach front resorts, blessed to be right in the heart of West Bay beach with its crystal white sand and turquoise colored waters of the Caribbean. We welcome you to visit our Resorts and or become Investor's with us in our slice of paradise.

The climate is warm, with temperatures usually in the mid '80s. Roatan enjoys trade winds the majority of the year, making the climate comfortable year round.

Island atire is casual, even for dinner at the better restaurants. Comfortable cotton clothing, shorts and lightweight pants are recommended. Hat and sunglasses are a must. There are mosquitoes and sand flies, but regular use of repellant should keep them from bothering you.

National Geographic named Roatan in the 10 Best Trips of Summer 20110 Best Trips of the Summer of 2011

Travel and Leisure Magazine voted Roatan #3 for Island    Teléfono en Honduras: 504 2445 5005         Teléfono en EE.UU.: 1 727 564 9058

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