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Turning Green
What is an "Eco Resort" and How YOU can Help!
An eco resort is a hotel/resort that uses nature friendly resources for everything from construction to cleaning products. These resorts also reuse many of their items and try to minimize our ecological impact (carbon footprint) as much as possible. Eco resorts typically have a focus on learning new ways to live on the planet, bettering the environment and appreciating its natural surroundings. We understand that our guests are from different cultures, geographical locations and have different feelings regarding sustainable eco-friendly practices. We are committed to providing each of our guests with an eco-friendly & sustainable operation. Here are a few of the things we are doing and ask you as our guest to choose for yourself some of the items in which you have the opportunity to participate (high lighted in Green):
Help Us Turn Green !
  • Catch rain water. (Our cisterns combined hold up to 220,000 gallons of rain water)
  • We use charcoal filters and UV light for non-potable water to the rooms.
  • We provide purified drinking water in each room in 5 gallon recyclable containers.
  • Water conservation shower heads have been installed in each room.
  • Toilets have been modified for low level water consumption usage.
  • Towels are changed every 4 days. In the event you would like them changed sooner simply leave them on the floor and the maids will change them promptly upon their return.
  • Bedding and linens are changed every week or upon checkout. If you would prefer to have your bedding or linens changed more frequently please ask our reception or simply strip your bed and the maids will change it promptly upon their return.
Eco Turning Green
  • A propane generator is used for back-up power as needed. We do not operate the generator from 11pm to 7am. We have provided candles for when the power is out and the generator is off. If the power goes out during the day for a short period of time we often do not use the generator.
  • Energy efficient light bulbs have been installed in all areas.
  • Low level lighting has been installed for exterior use.
  • Old hot water tanks have been and are being replaced with “on demand” water systems. All appliances are unplugged unless required by our guests. If you need them simply plug them in.
  • Ceiling fans have been installed in each room. Please use them to keep your room comfortable. A/C is also located in all our rooms in the event you are uncomfortable during your stay. When not in your room please keep your A/C off.
eco recycle sustainable eco recycle sustainable eco recycle sustainable
  • Use Piranha technology to treat our septic tanks. (Please flush your toilet paper it helps feed our bacteria!) “If its brown flush it down, if its yellow, let it mellow” is something that really works here.
  • Use only recyclable materials for our beverages in our restaurants.
  • Use sustainable foods in our restaurants. We do not carry conch, grouper, red snapper, etc…
  • Laundry detergents and cleaners found in this resort are 100% bio-degradable and eco-friendly. We air dry all our clothes and linens.
  • Use organic methods to control insects and grow food that is consumed here on the property.
eco recycle sustainable eco recycle sustainable

If you have suggestions and wish to contribute to our Eco efforts please use the contact page.

Put a few energetic waitresses and bar tenders together with some beer bottle caps, tin cans, hammers and glue and the finished product is Eco Art!   These unique art pieces using recycled tin and metal pieces are for sale at the Thirsty Turtle Bar and Grill.

eco recycle sustainable
eco recycle sustainable
eco recycle sustainable
Grab a bucket of ice cold beer and head to the beach!  We cut the bottom off old water jugs, and recycle them by adding a handle from broken 5 gallon paint cans, and then fill them with ice and add cold beer.
Roatan Reef:
BananaramaDive Eco Friendly Resort cooperates with the Roatan Marine Park in an Island wide effort to maintain a healthy reef and its surrounding beaches. BananaramaDive Eco Resort hosts the annual Roatan Marine Park Beach Bash held to raise funds for the benefit of the Roatan Marine Park. This year they celebrated their 5 Birthday.
eco recycle sustainable
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2010 Bay Islands Business Award
for Excellence Through
Social Responsibility and
Community Contributions
2010 Bay Islands Business Award
for Excellence Through
Social Responsibility and
Community Contributions
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