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Bananarama's Most Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is your cancellation policy for Bananarama Dive Resort?
Notice of cancellation given prior to 30 days before your arrival will result in a full refund excluding a $50 service fee. Cancellation within 30 days but prior to 7 days before your arrival will be credited for your use with a 1 year expiration limit excluding a $50 service fee. This credit can be transferred to another party. If you cancel your reservation within 7 days of your arrival, we cannot refund or credit your payment.

2.  What items do you recommend that I bring in addition to the basic vacation attire?
We recommend bug repellant, itch cream, sunscreen, a flashlight, strap back sandals for the Canopy Tours and a light rain jacket during October - December.

3.  What kind of currency can I use on Roatan? 
US dollars are widely accepted on the island. It is recommended that you bring small change as venders cannot always come up with correct change in US dollars. Don't bring bills larger than $20s and $50s as they are hard to change. The local exchange rate is around 20 lempiras to 1 US dollar. Credit cards can be used in most established businesses. There is normally a 5-19% difference between using cash and the cc fees assessed each time you use your card. Your bank may also attach a fee to convert the charge from lempira to dollars. We suggest you let your bank know that you are traveling and ask what their fees are before you travel.

4. Is there an ATM available for my use?
There are several machines on the island, though there is never a guarantee that they will be stocked with money. Mayan Princess has one a short walking distance from our resort. There is one at West Bay Mall. There are a few in West End that you can reach by water taxi and there is another few in Coxen Hole and one at the Plaza Mar grocery store.

5. Cash Advances
For resort guests we are able to do cash advances on your Credit Cards for a 5% fee. The ATM machines on Roatan can be somewhat unreliable and can frequently run out.

6.  What if I need to check my email or use the Internet?
There is wireless internet in all of the rooms for those who wish to bring a laptop computer. If you do not choose to bring a laptop, there is a computer in the office you can use to check your mail. The charge is $10 an hour.

7.  What time is check in and check out?
Checkout is 11:00am and check-in is at 2:00pm. IF you need to checkout late, it can be arranged through the office prior to the day you are checking out. Late checkout fee is $20. Late checkout is 1:00 pm. If you check out after 1:00 pm you will need to pay for an additional night stay.

8.  Do you provide beach towels for my use while at the resort?
Beach towels may be rented, or are available for purchase at the Beach Front Activities Center, for $20 each.

9.  Are there laundry facilities onsite?
Our maids are happy to wash your laundry for you. The cost is $10 a load. You can drop your laundry off at our reception in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon.

10.  If I choose to tip the staff, should I tip them daily or at the end of my stay?
Both are acceptable. We have envelopes in the office that you can separate cash to provide different sections of the staff (Dive Center, maid service, cooks, etc.) Usually, it is customary to tip the bar and restaurant employees daily, after your meals or drinks are finished.

11. Do you provide transfers to and from the airport and ferry?
Our driver charges $25 for up to 4 people and an additional $5 for each extra person each way. He can meet you at the airport and help you with your luggage. The cost is $10 extra to stop at the grocery store on your way to the resort. Please request this service in advance to help us ensure prompt pickup for other guests who may be checking in on the same day as you. We suggest that you tip the driver if he takes you grocery shopping.

12. What if I want to rent a car during my stay?
We are happy to arrange car rentals for guests either by the day or for the week or month. We are able to secure good rates and the car rental companies drop the car off at the resort for you to pick it up.

13. What about the Cruise Ships?
West Bay Beach is a popular destination for cruise ship passengers so there may be days during your visit when the beach and resort are a bit busier than normal.  Our aim is to ensure that you have the most relaxing vacation possible, so during these times we have reserved the area within the Island Pearl for guests only. This is our resort next to Bananarama. We will also reserve tables at the Thirsty Turtle Bar and Grill to ensure you can always find a place to relax and have lunch.

14. Do you have a generator on site?
We have an onsite generator that runs from about 7:00am until 10:30pm. We try to be courteous of the needs of our guests and acknowledge that it is a necessary noise to provide air-conditioning, lights and other amenities at our resort. The rooms closest to the generator are the Beach Side rooms at Bananarama. Phone service and wireless service does not usually work when there is a power outage.

15. Can I charge things to my room during my stay?
When you check in, we ask for a credit card voucher. This voucher allows you to charge to your room during the week. You can charge diving, restaurant/bar items, snorkel shack, and all other necessities during your stay. If you leave without paying your room charges, we are able to use this voucher to cover the expenses.

16. How does West Bay compare to West End?
West Bay is known for its beautiful white sandy beach and quiet nights. West Bay also offers excellent snorkeling surrounded by an easily accessible reef. It is a more upscale part of the island with very little crime or safety issues. West End typically offers cheaper accommodations, tourist shopping, a greater variety of restaurants and loud night life. West End does not have a typical beach, though there is a sandy area called Half Moon Bay. It is possible to take a short water taxi ride to either location for $3 each way per person. Please note that water taxis do not run when the ocean is rough and after dark.

17. Will I have problems with the Language on Roatan?
English is the Island's official language, although Spanish is also common. On West Bay, you will be able to speak with most of the staff and order things in English. Most menus and prices are in English and with US dollar pricing.

18. Do I need a passport to come to Roatan?
You will need a passport to enter and exit the country. All guests traveling to Honduras will need to have a passport valid for at least 6 months past the date of travel and ALL guests require a passport to enter Honduras. Please check with your passport agency to make sure your passport info is in order before you leave for your vacation. We will not refund or credit your balance due to problems you encounter with your passport.

19. Is there an Exit Tax in Honduras?
Please be aware that there is a mandatory Honduran exit tax of $40 that will need to be paid in cash at the airport when you leave. You can pay in partial Lempira and USA cash. Also, the airline will provide you with a document that you will fill out on the airplane before you arrive in Roatan. Do not lose this paperwork. You will need it when leaving the country. Please plan accordingly.


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